Cost Share Information

Architectural Photography Assignments are high-dollar investments that can benefit multiple parties within the project. Projects that have additional parties interested in the final images may choose to enter into a Cost Share agreement to cut down on cost and maximize their marketing dollars. Cost Share is beneficial to all parties involved in a project and all parties that choose to enter into a Cost Share agreement before a project starts, will receive royalty-free licensing images.

 Additional Parties that may be interested in a Cost Share:

Architects | Construction Companies | Developers | Interior Design Companies | Product Manufacturers | Property Owners | Sub-Contractors|Engineers

Project cost includes expenses, post-production work, and licensing. When additional parties are involved in the project, the project cost is increased by a percentage for each Multiple Client Usage and the total project cost is divided by the total number of parties


Initial Project Cost: $1500

Additional Interested Parties: 3@25% each = 3@$375 is added to the original project cost

New Project Cost: $2625

CS Cost: $656.25 for each party(if split equally)

Above pricing is an example only– project costs vary

 Invoicing can be handled with one or more invoices, depending on your preference. To participate in a Cost Share agreement, all parties must be included in the agreement beforethe project is photographed and estimated. All images are owned by Brad Nicol Photography and Third Party Usage is not granted to any additional parties that were not part of the initial agreement. Additional parties requesting use of photographs after the project has started must negotiate directly with Brad Nicol Photography.